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June 10th 2024

HKU ESG Careers Seminar

December 20th 2023

I recently hosted an ESG Careers seminar at HKU and was ably assisted by sustainability professionals from EY and HSBC. In attendance were HKU Masters students with about 80% from mainland China.

My driver for putting this seminar together stemmed from learning of the challenges faced by graduates on the mainland that are struggling to secure a job, let alone their job of choice.

The students were highly engaged with many thoughtful questions posed of my fellow speakers. I found it highly interesting that the vast majority (about 80%) of the attendees were female.

Tomorrow's leaders are poised to make a huge impact.

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During April 2023 our MD presented a careers seminar in Nanjing, China to students at the NSFX International School. Invited by the Principal of their English program, this event was well attended and proved highly illuminating and personally rewarding.

"It was wonderful to see how engaged the students were with strong interest shown at such an important phase of their lives. The questions posed clearly revealed their wish to learn much about possible career pathways.

The video features a brief interview that was conducted by one of their students, and typifies the passion displayed by all participants throughout this event. In addition excerpts from the seminar are provided. 

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