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La Boca Buenos Aires May 2015Often when mandated by our clients to identify and secure that elusive Director level executive we are asked to give strong consideration to those candidates that display entrepreneurial qualities. This comes as no surprise when you consider the ever changing business environments that are so influenced through the continuance of emerging technologies, coupled with a far more sophisticated consumer base. With the strengthening corporate push to discover new lucrative markets "out of the box" thinking and competitive action is required.

As a side note a truly interesting development took place when we were mandated to secure for a global client a HK based Sales Director to drive their Asia Pacific expansion within the e commerce and digital sector. At the time of briefing it was conveyed by their HRD that they sought an executive decidedly rich in entrepreneurial skills, in fact they would give strong preference to those whose medium-long term vision involved establishing their own business. Strange you might say, myself included. Further probing revealed this organization to be blessed with a dynamic culture and this being a Greenfield role, such motivations and self-interest would be supported. Just between you and I, they were also of the view that once settled, the risk of losing such talent was minimal. I encourage the reader to view the case study titled "Consulting" in this web site. 

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